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Museum caress

Pavel Ubrankowicz

I visited Chrudim on business, and not far from the square I found a decommissioned church with the Museum of Baroque statues. I entered and was in for a few surprises - the first being the price of admission.  After all, I considered 60 crowns in the provincial town of Chrudim to be a lot. The surprises continued when they provided me with an electronic guide, which was a little bigger than a cell phone - something I have only experienced in foreign exhibitions.  As I wondered through the three dozen exhibits, the electronic guide gave me  exactly the information I needed - when I needed it. The renovated building for these great works also included nice touches such as TV presentations and even watching a movie while I enjoyed a coffee from Nespresso -  all included in the price and all placed logically as you moved through the exhibition. 

Such a beautiful and effective example of how excellent communication creates powerful impressions: I did not want the experience to end – but in the end those 60 CZK seemed to be more than justified.

So if you have any reason to get to Chrudim, take the tour as I did.  It's worth it!

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